lrm_export_28858983378676_20181006_202404127-1695997302.jpeglrm_export_50904456448022_20181001_214036556238515293.jpeglrm_export_82535897578563_20180928_003543392-314852525.jpeglrm_export_28276587810607_20181006_201421732-1224872488.jpeglrm_export_28440264019810_20181006_2017054081082152091.jpeglrm_export_28367145138067_20181006_201552289143610242.jpeglrm_export_28523854300600_20181006_2018289981309949418.jpegThe cold rain drops beating against the windscreen of the bus we were riding, like tiny drums gone mad, were like music to my ears. We were on our way to Sibonga to visit the famous and miraculous Simala shrine to seal our petitions. It was one of those days when I can say that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations – literally.

Long terminal queues, slippery roads, heavy rain, an endless traffic which consumed almost a quarter of our day while patiently sitting on the bus until we reached our destination. The slicker we bought came to good use as we have to journey on a motorbike in a narrow muddy pathway before we arrive at the shrine.

To my surprise, when we arrived, I thought I was already in Disneyland. Well, at least that was the first thought that came to mind. A huge arc embellished with nice prints appeared before me. The berg of the SIMALA church peeking on top of the arc was enticing. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a gigantic, meticulously sculpted, refreshing view of the church before my eyes. The place literally looks like a palace. Sorry, yet again I thought of Disneyland.

We walked and wandered trying not to skid on the inclined floor going to the church. There, we offered our prayers, sealed our petitions, roamed the place and lighted the candles. What caught my attention were the offered belongings caged in crystal glasses of devotee’s answered prayers, and the proof gave me chills. It was truly miraculous. It was almost dusk when we left the place and almost midnight when we reached the city again.

SIMALA was indescribably beautiful, you just have to visit and see.

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