While constantly arguing with myself, on how I can tailor my Instagram feed using Lightroom Presets, I have learned a thing or two. One, not all photographs are taken with the same amount of light. Second, each picture conveys a different mood. Lastly, each image has a different story to tell. We all have our distinct niche and how we want to be perceived by our followers, depends on how we emanate them through our visuals.

I have always been a self-proclaimed dreamer and my indulgence to Korean dramas only gratifies this yearning to incessantly be fancy. Pertinent to this, the preset I have chosen to share will allow you to portray a creamy Korean vibe of your image. It will set your viewers in a dreamy mood like the ones I made above.

Simply follow the steps below using your Lightroom Mobile CC app. This preset is also best when used with predominantly white colors in the picture. Feel free to adjust the settings that will suit your photographs.

Remember: Ensure that you note that (-) or positive sign prior to the number indicated for each adjustment. Otherwise, sliding the settings on the opposite side will give you a different result.

Lights Panel
Exposure: – 0.10
Contrast: – 23
Highlights: – 44
Shadows: 21
Whites: – 81
Blacks: 25

Color Panel
Temp: 17
Tint: – 10
Vibrance: 46
Saturation: – 23

Color Mix Panel
Hue: 19
Saturation: 71
Luminance: – 33

Hue: – 1
Saturation: – 7
Luminance: 23

Hue: – 75
Saturation: – 42
Luminance: – 25

Hue: – 100
Saturation: 29
Luminance: 5

Hue: 60
Saturation: – 81
Luminance: – 89

Hue: 29
Saturation: – 44
Luminance: – 43

Hue: 7
Saturation: 0
Luminance: 0

Click the three dots on the upper right portion of the app. Choose ‘Create Preset’ then save it. You may try applying this preset on your photos by looking into the saved ‘Presets’ panel. There you have it. Your Korean Creamy Preset.

What are your thoughts about this Preset? Hope you liked it and have a wonderful week ahead.

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