Basic Denim

While searching for the trendiest outerwear, I repeatedly stumble on denim jackets on most of my social media channels. To satisfy my curiosity, I had to dig up September’s trendiest style this season and not surprisingly, it says “denim jackets”.

I must say it is unusual for me to stick with the seasonal trends, but it may not be bad to binge on window shopping at certain times. So, I’m giving you some of my favorites below and pretty soon enough, you and I will need a thing or two.

Hooded Denims

one || two || three

Hooded Denim Jacket: grab your plain crew neck top and pair it with these hoodies. Add jogger pants and white sneakers and you will look cooler than the cool September weather.

Black Crop Denim

one || two || three

Black Crop Denim Jacket: this recently caught my eye and certainly will be my latest obsession. Not to mention I am recently a sucker for black and white ensembles because gaining a bit of weight makes me look slimmer by the look of a second in darker shades of color.

Wash Crop Denims

one || two || three

Faded Denim Jacket: grab your classic sunnies, tie your hair up, get a good crop top, plus a wide large buckle belt, wash skinny denim, and lastly a white platform sneakers to complete the look! Don’t forget a good lippie. You will look gorgeous even without full make-up.

You can never underestimate the edgy and practical look of denim jackets so much that I think I need to have this wardrobe staple. I remember the days when me and my sister was way younger. We are so inseparable and we always wear those twinning outfits. Perhaps it was Mom’s strategy which allowed us to always look to have new things when in fact we just borrow each other’s clothing. Can you relate?

So what do you think? Did any of the basic denim jackets caught your eye? If so, comment your favorites below. Lastly, I’ll be binging more on really good denim jacket styles in the next coming days so stay tuned. Hope you all have a cozy week!

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