Many have shared their stories about breathtaking places and unforgettable memories in Palawan, but it’s different when you experience it first hand.  On the first day, we travelled six hours from Puerto Princesa going to El Nido and on the next day, we left early from the hotel for an island hopping adventure. Our first … More Lagoon


I arrived in Iloilo today on a rainy night and delayed departure caused me to become a bit exhausted. This seems to be the case everytime I get afternoon flights. The worst case that happened to me was three months ago when I got off from a seven hour delayed flight. Well, I must say … More Workday 

Labor Day

It’s been a while since I made my last blog post. How is everyone? It was an amazing week and time flew so fast. Though I went from different places, I can barely post images and that is because I’m suffering from my skin allergy again and due to my work.  Lately, I’m a sucker for … More Labor Day


As I have mentioned before, things fall into place when it’s, again, unplanned. While the summer sun was so bright and the air was humid one Friday afternoon, an unexpected invitation popped up from my messenger and I couldn’t say NO. And so, I tagged along my bestfriend’s family trip to Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort to … More Pilgrimage 


I woke up with a peace of mind, happy and full of positivity today. Found these excerpts from Power of Positivity on Facebook and thought that it’s good to share with you lovelies. Oftentimes, I get lazy to write the things that I’m grateful every morning but then, until today, it’s still an ongoing battle. I have … More Moon


This was the day the remake of the movie “Beauty and the Beast” was aired in the Cinema. I was so excited to watch it with my friends on a Saturday evening. I remembered during high school when I was chosen as “Belle” for our stage play. Unfortunately, after days of practicing for the role … More Belle

Why I love Fridays

Have you ever heard of the word “Friday Sickness”? It definitely means, not getting sick of course! Everybody feels that ecstatic feeling when the weekend comes. As for me, I’m always looking forward for Fridays for my weekend getaways and personal time. Since I am currently employed full time, the only day for me to wear … More Why I love Fridays