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We were lulled by the lapping sound of the waves as we hop from one island to another in Guimaras. No itineraries, no signal, and no food. As soon as we reached the small port in Taklong, we rented a small pumpboat just perfect enough to accommodate me and my four colleagues.

We were fully unaware of the picturesque view; an insatiable sight to see. Each island we visited was preserved by its own natural beauty. We moved toward the tallest part of the watch tower to see the panoramic view of the entire Taklong Island. The crystal clear waters allowed the naked eyes to see the green algae underwater and the spectacular rocks underneath.

We hopped next to the sandbar and took a rest under the shade of the huge rock formations for half an hour. Then we passed by the narrowed path of fully-grown mangrove trees before we reached our final destination; the floating cottage. It was surreal that this can be found resting on the shallow part of the clear white sand separated by nature from the deep surrounding waters. It was unfortunate we were not able to make reservations ahead of time so we had to stick to halo-halo and cup noodles for lunch. Absurd though, my colleagues already had noodles for breakfast.

We bought a few delicacies at the souvenir shop in Trappist Monastery – where monks run the business – and went home with pockets full of happiness.

Location: Guimaras

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