Out of the Blue

2018-10-30 04-923490220..jpg2018-10-24 07-489544179..jpg2018-10-19 12-1619424534..jpg2018-10-20 061030506650..jpg

So here is a compilation of my photos in shades of blue. It’s like the ocean casts its spell on me and I regained my sanity being remote in the city life. I think there is something about the smashing sound of the waves which stirred my heart and momentarily brought me sprinkles of joy I could hardly explain.

April and I woke up to a fully-packed schedule and we ensured that despite the hurdles we will go through the entire day, we would still look, at least, appealing throughout all our meetings. Post meetings, we were the luckiest to capture the scenic blue hues and for me, spontaneous and fleeting moments like these are the best. So it’s very significant to hold on to these memories even just in photographs.

Did I mention that I was fortunate enough that April had a better luggage content and I was able to squeeze myself in her fit and flare dress which suited our venue perfectly?

Outfit: Mango Fit and Flare Dress (similar here), Velvet Mule Sandals (I love these 5 versions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Sling Bag (cutest versions here 1, 2, 3, 4), Pink Sunglass (nice round version here)

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