I woke up early after dismissing my 3rd alarm one drizzly Thursday morning in Cebu City. I was staring at the empty ceiling on the 4 corners of my hotel room wondering how my day would turn out.

Suddenly it reminded me that a hearty breakfast awaits on the 4th floor of the hotel building. So I got up from bed, changed to my outfit of the day then ran downstairs before I got late for our first meeting.

One of the best things I look forward to is wearing a non-uniform outfit as part of my job since I get to choose what to wear fitting for my itinerary. The day was gloomy but it doesn’t bar me from wearing a thin layer of unbalanced aqua top paired with a white denim mini skirt.

I put on a tiny belt to conceal my missing skirt button, which was unnoticeable after all. A style blogger also experiences wardrobe malfunctions.

After successfully attending our first meeting, it was past lunch time when we arrived back to the office so we had to grab a quick lunch from the nearby restaurants. My two colleagues, Brian and April, were asking my food of choice for the day. They gave me Korean and Lechon as an option. After a while, we ended up eating Lechon but we ordered Kimchi as the side dish. Both teams won.

We went back to the office after taking my snapshot on the slippery zigzag pathway which set my happy mood for the day.

Outfit: Aqua Top (similar here, more tops cute bow version), Michael Kors White Skirt (similar here), White belt (get here & here)

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